At the Five Flags Hotel we offer a large selection of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
You can't beat a ice cold beer which we have a wide variety of on tap including Great northern, Carlton Dry, Carlton draught, Melbourne bitter and 4Pines pale ale as well as apple cider, and cc and dry.
Our wine selection is quite popular and includes a large variety of local wines
 If you're feeling fancy we offer a beautiful list of cocktails including some classics like the cosmopolitan, espresso martini and more aswell as some we have created. We also have "cocktail of the week" which changes every week and has a cocktail that isn't on our menu. Be sure to stop in and see whats this weeks special.
We have a huge choice of ready to drink options including the popular Billsons vodka range, Cruisers, Jack daniels, Jim beam and other rum, bourbon and whiskey choices. We have a large beer variety in both bottles and cans including the Coopers variety, Guinness, Corona, great northern and much more.
Our bars stock a huge variety of spirits with many different choices of vodka, gin, whiskey, bourbon, rum, flavored liqueurs and much more. 
If you don't feel like a cold beverage we do have a small assortment of teas as well as a coffee machine which pairs nicely with our selection of cakes and sweet treats.
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